Speaker moderator this week in panama at the WIND TO ENERGY CONGRESS

Thursday 16 July, 14:55 – 15:15
Q&A with the region’s leading investors:

Identifying investors to understand what financing opportunities you can access for your wind projects in central America
·         Establishing joint ventures to leverage their knowledge on different financial options
·         Developing a strategy to establish contact with potential investors
·         Best practice from industry examples of project financing model

The moderator for the Q&A is Randy Avon. Randy has a wealth of experience in financing and investment in LatAm, and he specialises in bringing together government, financiers, investors and the private sector to develop energy projects within Mexico and across Central America, and can share some excellent perspectives on financing and investment in the region.

Panel Participants

You will be joined by the following panellists at the event. I would encourage you to use this email introduction to acquaint yourselves with one another and to recommend topics or points of discussion to the panel moderator which you would like to raise during the panel.
·         Ramon Candia, Investment Manager, Grupo Ecos
·         Hernan Diaz Del Castillo, Structured Finance Manager, BICSA
·         Bryan Fennell, Managing Director, Marathon Capital
Q&A Guidelines (please read carefully)–          As this will be quite a short session (only 20 minutes), Randy will pose an opening question to the panel related to the topic.
–          There will also be opportunity for the audience to pose questions via microphone, as well as via a new mobile app which will be made available to delegates, called Slido. This will be controlled by the Wind C.A. team, and questions will appear live during the session.
–          At the end of the panel, Randy will ask each panellist to provide a brief summary of the topic with 1 key takeaway for the audience.
Should you have any questions or comments for me regarding your panel participation, please let me know. I look forward to meeting with you at Wind Central America!
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