100% Debt Financing
EB5 Investment Opportunities
With the EB-5 program, and a simple investment of $500,000 into a government approved business, not only the investor, but the investor’s spouse and their unmarried children under the age of 21 receive permanent U.S. residence. To find out more, please contact our office.
Direct Access to Bank Leaders
Direct access to key banking leaders in each target country and a full assimilation into the values, benefits, and pitfalls of international banking. We also show how U.S. companies can take advantage of multi national banking with their current banking relationship.
Capacity to Assist with LOC's
Capacity to assist host company(ies) with delicate Letters of Credit and other important international financial documents necessary for timely and successful transactions.
Financial Incentive Programs
Direct access to Government agencies in the host countries and assistance in receiving financial, tax, tariff, and other incentives that may be available.
U.S. Department of Commerce Best Practices
Insider information as to how to best utilize the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Association, U.S. Commercial Services, District Export Councils,, and other DOC divisions. ‘Some’ of their trade missions are excellent.
Assistance with the World Bank
Assistance with the World Bank (IFC) if the project has the full support of the government of the host country and meets the requirements as established by the World Bank.
Insider Access to OPIC and Others
Insider access to the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) (, InterAmerican Development Bank (, EXIM Bank (, Central American Bank for Economic Integration, (, the Brazil Development Bank, the China Development Bank, and other viable sources depending on the project(s) and country.
Direct Access to an OPIC Specialist
Direct access to a specialist in OPIC funding who has a 100% success track record with this organization.
Assistance with Equity Funding
Assistance with equity funding in cooperation with private investors, off-shore investment banking organizations, international banks, hedge funds, and international stock exchanges.