Insider Information
Insider information as to how to best utilize the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Association, U.S. Commercial Services, District Export Councils,, and other DOC divisions. ‘Some’ of their trade missions are excellent.
Debt & Other Funding
Debt and other funding-- in most cases under prime-- for housing, energy projects, water systems, power plants, roads, hospitals, port development and inner harbor development, other infrastructure, and if necessary, the building of manufacturing plants.
Direct Accesss to Government Agencies
Direct access to Government agencies in the host countries and assistance in receiving financial, tax, tariff, and other incentives that may be available.
Introductions to Pre-Qualified Joint Venture Partners
Introductions to pre-qualified joint venture partners in target countries who have networks in place in the same or similar business with distribution networks and/or for the establishment of public/private partnership as might be required or desired.
U.S. Embassy's Best Practices
When it is best to utilize--- and when it is best to distance--- your company from the U.S. Embassy.
Introductions to Top Port & FTZ Officials
Introduction to top Ministers, Port and Airport Directors, and Foreign Trade Zone Officials.
Introductions to Logistics Leaders
Introduction to the leadership of the proper logistics operation(s) in the target countries and the top leadership of all viable cargo, air, and shipping companies.
Introductions to Correct Law Firms
Introductions to the 'correct' law firms and other professionals to insure compliance with import licenses, metric system data, exporter and importer rights and responsibilities, tariff clarifications, product classification, metric system impact, packaging and re-cycling requirements, electronic SED filings, custom broker regulations and recommendations, freight forwarders, steps required for protection of intellectual property rights, compliance with new US and international AES/FTR regulations, and other vital legal export matters.
Solutions for Challenges
Full access to our in-country associates to solve other challenges that will arise.
Builder/Developer Recommendations
Recommendations for engaging the proper builder/developer(s) in the target country.
Facility Site Recommendations
Site Recommendations for manufacturing facilities.
U.S State Department Best Practices
How to best utilize the U.S. Department of State and our Embassies.